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The land of the Vikings

Mis à jour : 28 déc. 2019


Norway sounds like the snow queen, an almost magical journey into the Scandinavian universe.

Norway. A inconcivable place to visit for my relative... And above all, why stay there so long? A week, you say?

"You should have gone to a Mediterranean country especially in April." But no, because holidays don't necessarily rhyme with sun.

Norway. When I hear its name I think about all the memories, the snow, the kind people but also the pain I felt and my empty bank account when I came back to France.

People were warm. I stayed in a beautiful house on the edge of a large forest. It was beautiful but a little bit freaky.

Yet the journey started the wrong way. My friend got angry for a ridiculous reason and embarked, leaving us both running in the airport looking for the departure gate. He can be such a dickhead!

Norway rhymes with expensive living, negative temperatures and lots of snow. When I saw the snow I felt like a little girl. I never saw that much snow!

April 13th. First day and first wake up in the middle of nowhere.

- Snow shoes CHECK

- Glove CHECK

- Scarf CHECK

- Winter jacket CHECK

- Woolen hat CHECK

So we were ready to face the Scandinavian cold and the impressive forest that threatened us from all sides.

Nothing better than a morning walk. The air was so pure. We didn't meet much of walkers, the weather was really freezing. We were sinking deeper into this forest where we only could hear our laughter and footsteps in contact with the snow. Right then left, doesn't matter the direction. Sometimes, we stopped to have a ball fight like three kids. Yet, our happiness was complete when by pure chance we discovered a swing!

"I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky", well it was almost true by swinging in the emptiness.

Yet, Norway was punctuated by shops closed because of Easter but also by snowy visits (waiting for the bus under the ice cold failing to turn us into ice).

Norway. A country where I used snowshoes for the first time to hike in the snow. I hiked 28 km in 12 hours to finally reach the peak of Trolltunga (that means "troll tongue"). It was so hard and intense but a good experience as a first hike! It was during that day I suffered the most. We were the youngest hikers and as beginners we had to surpass ourselves mentally but also physically. But what a satisfaction when you manage to push your limits.

Anyway, I can't relate all my journey it would be too long but I have very good memories. I came back to France with a beautiful souvenir...And no, that's not a postcard or something sold to tourists. My souvenir is much more unique which lasted some days. I could let you guess but you won't find it. So I got a very beautiful sunburn on my eyes which were completely red but also on my skin, specially my cheeks entirely burnt.

Anyway, all this reminds me that I need holidays.

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